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Why Technology Matters?

Each time a new technological advance is made in fertility care, it helps to improve pregnancy success rates. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born 40 years ago. Since that time, research and technology has lead to increased knowledge resulting in less invasive procedures, and an expanded range of treatment options. Pregnancy success rates through assisted reproduction have grown in leaps and bounds; from one live birth in 1978 to over 7 million babies born through IVF in 2016. The Oasis team understands the importance of technology and the role it plays in assisting you to achieve the family that you dream of. We have therefore built a state-of-the-art facility with the newest and best technology available today.

Why does technology matter?

1. Pregnancy Success:

Geri Incubator -Oasis is one of the few fertility centre’s in Canada that uses the Geri Incubator. The Geri is a time lapse incubator that allows us to watch the development of your embryos and to make informed decisions when selecting the embryo to transfer. We want to choose the embryo most likely to implant and develop into a baby.

2. Choosing the Best Embryo

CCS (Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening) also known as PGS (Pre-implantation Genetic Screening) allows us to take cells from a blastocyst (an embryo which has developed for 5-6 days) and test that embryo’s DNA to make sure it has the normal number of Chromosomes (23 pairs). CCS helps us to analyze, select and transfer only the embryos that are normal thereby increasing the likelihood of a pregnancy. Many times, chromosomal abnormalities in an embryo can lead to recurrent miscarriage and implantation failures.

3. Your Security

For enhanced security and to eliminate the risk of human error we are the first centre in Canada to implement eIVF Biometrics, an electronic witnessing system that is specifically designed for IVF Centres. This system follows the patient’s progress through all tests and procedures, minimizing the risks of errors through the IVF treatment process.

4. Egg Freezing

Egg Vitrification – One of the newest treatment options is egg freezing. We understand that many women today wait to start their families until they have completed their education, enter the workforce, and are in a committed relationship, therefore Oasis offers egg freezing. Unfortunately, women’s biological clock results in decreasing fertility and ovarian reserve as they age. This decline is exaggerated after the age of 35. Egg freezing allows the freedom for women to preserve their fertility while their eggs are in their prime. We offer comprehensive testing, screening, and freezing at Oasis Fertility Centre.

It is only through continuous research and the development of new technologies that we can provide the treatment options available today. Oasis is committed to supporting ongoing research and adapting its services to incorporate new treatment options as they become available. Oasis is where advanced technology meets personalized care.