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DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI)

Advanced Fertility Testing

Advanced Fertility Testing





Matris™ is the only non-invasive diagnostic test that prevents a failed IVF cycle due to poor endometrial receptivity. With 25 years of science behind it, Matris™ gives you the clinical answers you need — quickly and easily.

You want to have the best chance of conceiving. When every variable counts, Matris™advanced fertility testing in Calgary, helps your Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) team make confident, informed decisions.

How It Works

The quality of an embryo and the receptiveness of the endometrial lining (the membrane which lines the uterus) are the two main factors for fertility.

During each cycle, the endometrial lining changes in response to reproductive hormones. It also varies from patient to patient, with different medications, and even from cycle to cycle.

Knowing the optimal time for an embryo transfer is critical during assisted reproduction cycles. Matris™ revolutionizes the ability to interpret and assess endometrial quality — so that you can improve your fertility odds. To benefit from Matris™ technology, an additional ultrasound image is taken during egg retrieval and then analyzed to create your Matris™ score.

This estimates the probability of pregnancy on a transfer of a high-quality embryo during that cycle.

How your Matris™ score is used:

  •  It helps your clinician assess whether to proceed with the embryo transfer or consider freezing (or thawing) embryos for future cycles
  • It evaluates endometrial development during mock transfer cycles, assists with understanding
    the synchronization between the ovaries and uterus during medicated cycles, and improves
    results during an elective single embryo transfer.
  • It preserves the best quality embryo for the most receptive endometrium to increase your
    chances of pregnancy.
  • It enables your clinician to make timely, informed decisions — well in advance of your transfer


  • Reduce Risk: an ultrasound image taken during regular ART protocols — there is no need for a biopsy.
  • Saves Money: it is invaluable when embryos are limited, or ART costs are a factor
  • Improves Assessment: it provides a a predictive assessment of endometrial quality for embryo transfers in fresh and FET cycles.
  • Increases Data: it enhances the information on endometrial quality for each real and mock cycle.
  • Clinically Proven: it has been proven in clinics across North America and Europe
  •  Improves Outcomes: it increases your chance of pregnancy, reduces the number of transfers in sub-optimal cycles, and shortens intervals to pregnancy


DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI)

What is a DNA fragmentation test?

A DNA fragmentation test (also called DNA fragmentation index – DFI) is a diagnostic test that measures the amount of DNA damage in sperm cells. This test is used to evaluate male fertility and can help identify the cause of infertility and guide treatment options.

How is a DNA fragmentation test done?

A DNA fragmentation test is performed on a freshly collected sample of sperm. You will be required to make an appointment with the Andrology laboratory to schedule the test (403 910 7888).

The tests is performed at the NASCI laboratory, Montreal. DNA fragmentation in sperm is typically measured using a laboratory test called the sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA).

This test involves staining sperm cells with a fluorescent dye that binds to DNA. The stained sperm cells are then analyzed using a flow cytometer, which measures the amount of fluorescence emitted by each cell.

The amount of fluorescence emitted is directly proportional to the amount of DNA fragmentation in the sperm cell. The results of the SCSA are reported as a percentage of sperm cells with fragmented DNA.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) standards, DNA fragmentation level of less than 15% is considered normal in sperm. Anything above 30% is considered high and may indicate a potential cause of male infertility. 

Further details can be obtained from our partner website