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Patient Portal

At Oasis Fertility Centre, Patient Portal is an efficient, an encrypted and a secured way of communicating with all clinical and scientific teams at Oasis.

Patient Portal is designed to empower you with all the tools and resource you require to navigate your personalized fertility care – anywhere and at any time. It allows to you to have ownership of your personalized care.

Various teams are identified and published in your message portal for ease of communication:

Andrology Team:

•  Questions related to semen function analysis, DNA Fragmentation Index, PESA, and TESE.

•  Questions related to your results of semen function analysis, and DNA Fragmentation Index.

•  Information on cryopreservation of Semen sample and upgrading your agreement on cryopreservation of your semen sample at Oasis Fertility Centre.

•  Shipping and receiving donor and patient sperm samples.

Embryology Team:

•  Requesting updates on embryo development and biopsy of embryos for genetic testing.

•  Requesting and receiving results of genetic testing of embryo samples.

Shipping and receiving donor and patient samples of egg and/or embryos.

Information of cryopreservation of eggs and/or embryos and upgrading your agreement on cryopreservation of your eggs and /or embryos at Oasis Fertility Centre.

Nursing Team:

  • Report drug adverse reactions
  • Reporting your cycle day, if applicable to you. 
  • Requesting prescriptions, requisitions, and instructions during your treatment cycle and medications at Oasis Fertility Centre.
  • Request clarifications and get your concerns addressed during your treatment cycle at Oasis Fertility Centre.
  • Receive instructions for procedures like egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and IUI.
  • Receive update on the treatment outcomes and information on next steps.
  • Scheduling your Ultrasound scan appointments before and during your treatment cycle at Oasis Fertility Centre.

Patient Coordinator Team:

•  Arrange your Orientation for IVF and Frozen Embryo Transfer, Directed Donor Program, and Surrogacy Program.

Receive information on costs, instructions, prescriptions, and requisitions for your personalized treatment plan prescribed by Dr Pirwany at your follow-up consultation.

Receive consents and upload signed consents.

Offer suggestions, improvements, and appreciation on your overall journey at Oasis Fertility Centre.

Schedule your Satellite Monitoring appointment addressed to specific Patient Coordinators.

Requesting charts, results, and previous reports from Oasis Fertility Centre.

Reception Team:

•  Schedule your Follow-up appointment with Dr Pirwany and Dr Taslar, Semen Function Analysis appointment, Sonohysterogram appointment, and Antral Follicle Count appointment.

Making payments for services taken up at Oasis Fertility Centre.

Receive updates on your virtual appointment schedule with Dr Pirwany and Dr Taslar.

Referral Coordinator Team:

•  Receive instruction on setting your patient portal account and receiving your Patient Identification Number (PID).

Receive information on how to navigate through your patient portal and through your journey to parenthood at Oasis Fertility Centre.

Schedule your initial consultation appointment with Dr Pirwany and Dr Taslar.

Communicate regarding setting your account under a GP referral, to avail no-fee initial consultation and follow-up consultation.

By clicking the Patient Portal button below, you will be leaving the Oasis Fertility Center website and going to the eIVF Patient Portal.

Reading instructions and patient information booklets received from various teams at Oasis, will help you answer many of your questions. Despite that, if you feel you require clarifications, do not hesitate sending your correspondence on patient portal.

Our staff responds to correspondences during regular office hours (Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and Nursing team is available on weekends and holidays between 12 pm and 4 pm). We are usually able to respond to correspondence within the same business day.

In cases of emergencies, your must call 911 and seek emergency care.