The Road to Fertility

While everyone’s journey is different, the information below provides a general outline of what to expect moving forward. Once a specific treatment plan is identified, Oasis Fertility will provide you with more information about that specific treatment.

(1) Your Initial Consult

  • Meet with your physician to review the reasons why you are seeking fertility treatment. Your medical history, along with your partner’s medical history will be discussed. If an ultrasound is required, it will be carried out at this appointment.
  • Meet with your nurse who will answer any additional questions you may have and basic fertility testing will be arranged.

(2) Diagnostic Testing

  • Baseline testing is recommended to be carried out around day 2 to 5 of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Day 1 of the cycle is regarded as the day of proper bleed, not the day of spotting. At Oasis Fertility Centre we regard the menstrual cycle starting before 3 pm as day 1. If you start to bleed after 3 pm, the following day is considered to be the first day. Baseline testing includes blood tests for fertility hormones (FSH, AMH Estradiol, LH, progesterone, testosterone) and infectious disease testing. The hormone tests and an ultrasound scan provide the Fertility Specialist an understanding of your ovarian reserve. Tests to check your fallopian tubes will also be arranged.

  • In addition, male partners will require a sperm functional assessment. This test is carried out in the Oasis lab and requires a scheduled appointment.

(3) Review Appointment

  •  Once you have completed all your tests, you will meet with your physician again to discuss the results. Sometimes, additional testing will be required based on the results of the initial tests. A plan of management will be decided at that time.

  • A financial counsellor will be available to answer any questions based on the treatment plan selected.

(4) Treatment Prep and Monitoring

  • Each treatment has different requirements and processes. The medication you will require (if any) and the amount of monitoring will be determined by the treatment you are undertaking. IVF is not the only treatment option available, and the appropriate treatment will be determined by your physician and you.

  • Please remember, our clinical and administrative team is always available to answer your questions.

We recognize that your time is valuable and not every question needs to be addressed while you are in the office. Feel free to ask us questions through our patient portal, email, or by leaving us a message on the nurse’s line. We will respond by the end of the business day.