Oasis fertility Centre is a private fertility clinic where every patient receives personalized treatment plan based on their individual medical needs.

In Alberta fertility treatments and drugs are not covered under the provincial insurance plan. Please see the infographic published by Alberta Health Services (AHS) outlining the services covered.

Your personalized fertility journey at Oasis begins with a consultation and assessment of your fertility issues and treatment options available. Based on which, an individual treatment plan is devised by Dr. Imran Pirwany.

Our clinical coordination team takes pride in providing you with transparent cost breakdowns to help with your budgeting. Some fertility medications may be covered by third-party insurance. Please ask our clinical coordination team for Drug Identification Number (DIN) list to facilitate your discussions with insurance provider.

We also offer flexible treatment payment plans through third-party vendors. Please reach out to our clinical coordination team to learn more.

Oasis Fertility Centre Fee Schedule


Patient referred by their physician No Charge
Self-referred patient $125
Antral Follicle Count $175
Sonohysterogram (SIS/ HSG) $340
Outpatient hysteroscopy $375
Sperm Functional Assessment $340

Cycle Monitoring

Individual Ultrasound Scan $175
Viability Scan First scan is at no charge for all patients under treatments at Oasis Fertility Centre.
All other patients and subsequent viability scan: $225
Prenatal (Early OB) Scan $225

Satellite Monitoring

Initial Consultation $125
Cycle Set up (applicable to all cycles) $1000
Bloodwork (applicable per order) $120 within Calgary
Up to $200 outside of Calgary
Single Ultrasound $175
Sonohysterogram $340
Orientation and Injection Teaching $200
Prenatal (Early OB) Scan $225



(includes orientation & injection teaching)

Natural Cycle $5,250
Invitro fertilization (IVF) Fresh cycle

(includes ovarian stimulation, monitoring, egg retrieval
procedure, sperm preparation, fertilization,
embryo culture, & fresh embryo transfer)

Invitro fertilization (IVF) Cycle with
freezing all embryos

(includes ovarian stimulation,
monitoring, egg retrieval procedure,
sperm preparation, fertilization, blastocyst embryo culture,
freezing of embryos. Price includes 1st year
storage of 4 embryos, additional
embryos are charged @ $250 per 3 embryos
(Price does not include Fresh or
Frozen embryo transfer fee and Baseline scan)

Trial Sperm Wash for ICSI $625
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Embryo Freezing
Including 1 Year Storage

Price includes storage of 4 embryos,
additional embryos are charged @ $250 per 3 embryos

Sequential Double Embryo Transfer $1,600
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle

(Includes laser assisted embryo hatching)

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle
when using embryos from
another clinic

includes special thaw kit
and laser assisted embryo hatching


Pre Implantation Genetic Screening

Pre Implantation Genetic Screening (additional shipping charges: $150) $600 per embryo
Receiving Frozen Embryos $625


Ovulation Induction and Timed intercourse $175
IUI with sperm wash
(excludes U/S scans)
Combined Cycle
(includes U/S scans,
IUI registration & IUI)
Superovulation Cycle
(includes U/S scans,
IUI registration & IUI)

Fertility Preservation

Sperm Cryopreservation (Includes 1 year storage) $800
Subsequent Sperm Cryopreservation
(if repeated after 30 days of first cryopreservation)
Annual Storage Fee (inclusive of GST) $420
Egg Freezing including orientation, egg retrieval, with 1st year storage $8,500
Egg thaw, Conventional fertilization & Embryo transfer $6,300
Annual Storage Fee (inclusive of GST) $420
Embryo Freezing Including 1 Year Storage $1,100 for first 4 embryos and $250 for every additional 3 embryos
Receiving Frozen Embryos $525
Annual Storage Fee (inclusive of GST) $420

Directed Donor Program

Directed (Known) Donor screening,
testing, and coordination
$2,500 For one donor
$4,000 For two donors
$5,770 For three donors
Gestational Surrogate (Carrier)
screening, testing, and coordination

Anonymous Donor Program

Receiving Frozen Anonymous
donor eggs or sperms
Annual Storage Fee (inclusive of GST) $420

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for infertility (PRP).

Intra-Uterine PRP $3,850
Intra-Ovarian PRP $4,950

Advanced services

Advanced sperm aspiration technique: PESA $1,250
Advanced sperm aspiration technique: TESE $1,300
Sperm DNA Fragmentation $890
Endometrial Evaluation: Matris $590
Endometrial Evaluation: ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) $1,700
Endometrial Evaluation: EndomeTRIO (ERA + EMMA + ALICE) $1,900
Intra-Lipid infusion $900 Per infusion
Non invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) $990