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Registered Nurse

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

Pay: $40.00-$45.00 per hour

Work hours: 37.5 per week

Benefits : 1. Extended health care  2.Vacation hours

Experience: LPN: 2 years (required)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree (preferred)


  • Registered Nurse (RN) License (required)
  • ACLS Certification (preferred)
  • BLS Certification (preferred)

Work Location: On site

Expected start date: 2024-04-29

Job description

This is an exciting opportunity for an organized and detail-oriented Registered Nurse to join our collaborative interdisciplinary team. You must be a team player, with excellent interpersonal skills, with an ability to work under pressure, is able to balance and prioritize multiple duties. The role offers work life balance with shifts from Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm and occasional weekends (Maximum 4-hour weekend shifts).

The role of the Reproductive Endocrine(R/E) Nurse requires collaborative relationships both within and outside the nursing profession. Reporting to the Nurse Leader, the R/E Nurse will work autonomously carrying out clinical practice and delegated medical acts. This requires close collaboration with the attending Reproductive Endocrinologist and excellent communication with clinic staff and families. All aspects of R/E Nurse practice is based on current theory and research. The individual will participate in establishing and maintaining standards of practice, policies, and procedures at Oasis Fertility.

The primary responsibility of the R/E Nurse is to use her/his/their theoretical knowledge and clinical expertise to provide holistic direct patient care in an interdisciplinary environment.

Nursing care includes:

  • Identifying the patient
  • Starting IVs,
  • Mixing and administering medications,
  • Documenting what has been given to the patient,
  • Assisting at retrievals and transfers using sterile technique
  • Setting up the retrieval tray, transfer tray and ultrasound machine, during transfer guide the ultrasound probe
  • Complete sponge counts and recording it on the procedure room flow sheet
  • Opening test tubes and preparing them for use (retrieval)
  • Positioning the patient for the procedure
  • Assisting the physician throughout the procedure
  • Disposing of garbage, dirty instruments and biohazardous waste after procedure.
  • Providing discharge instructions after transfer
  • Monitoring and recovering patients who have received conscious sedation, documenting their vital signs,
  • Collecting bloods
  • Performing pap smears and swabs
  • Carrying out all delegated medical acts that have been approved at Oasis.
  • Accurately documenting all patient interactions are critical aspects of the nurse’s role.
  • Provide family centered care through evidence-based practice
  • Promote a learning environment within the clinic and the community. The R/E nurse is responsible for teaching patients about their treatment cycles as well as how to administer self- injections.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with patient/families and interdisciplinary colleagues
  • Act as an effective team member by sharing opinions, debating issues and aligning personal objectives with those of the team.
  • Liaise with other staff and maintain standards of clinical practice as prescribed by the professional body of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA).
  • Report any critical incident in a timely fashion to the Medical Director and participate in continuous quality assessment and risk management on an ongoing basis.
  • Work toward the ultimate goal of attaining the highest possible pregnancy success outcomes and take-home babies with the least morbidity and multiple birth rate.


The R/E nurse will work in partnership with administration.

  • Participate in the development of policies, procedures, and standards, as they relate to treatment of infertility patients and their families.
  • Assist with planning and implementation of changes within the assisted reproductive therapies service
  • Participate on appropriate committees, participate in meetings related to patient care, and train new nursing staff
  • Assist with preparation of quarterly reports
  • Carry out the necessary procedures and documentation as prescribed by Health Canada for the donor sperm service
  • Prepare for site visitation and accreditation by CPSA or any other licensing body that Oasis deems necessary.


The R/E nurse is expected to advance nursing knowledge by participating in research-related activities.

  • Promote the dissemination of knowledge and support for nursing research
  • Critically appraise research data and assist the Clinic Director to implement findings that affect patient care.
  • Identify and research nursing questions through critical analysis and by using the scientific method.


The R/E Nurse must demonstrate an ongoing commitment for continuing self-development.

  • Participate in professional associations at a regional, national, and international level
  • Maintain clinical competence through the integration of practice, education and research within the specialty role.
  • Registered Nurse in good standing with the CARNA
  • Three years previous work experience in a private healthcare setting
  • Strong verbal and written skills
  • Proven interpersonal and communication skills
  • Previous work experience in a high – risk area (OR, labor and delivery and asset)
  • Certified in CPR and AED training

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