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Oasis Fertility Centre Collaborates With Future Fertility To Offer Better Chances At Parenthood For All

egg freezing at oasis fertility centre

At Oasis Fertility Centre, our approach to fertility treatment is rooted in a profound commitment to individualized care and cutting-edge technology. We believe that each person’s fertility journey is unique, and, as such, it deserves a tailored approach. Dr. Imran Pirwany’s philosophy revolves around providing compassionate and comprehensive care that recognizes the emotional, physical, and medical aspects of the fertility process.

In particular, when it comes to advanced procedures like egg freezing and in vitro fertilization (IVF), Oasis Fertility Centre places a paramount emphasis on leveraging state-of-the-art technology. This commitment arises from a conviction that the integration of advanced reproductive technologies not only enhances success rates but also ensures a personalized and precise approach to fertility treatments.

By embracing the latest advancements, we aim to empower our patients with the highest quality of care, offering hope and support on their journey toward building families.

Our step towards fool-proofing the Egg-Freezing Process

Oasis Fertility Centre is on the path to transforming the field of assisted reproductive technology through a strategic partnership with Future Fertility – an innovative company harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize fertility treatments, with a specific focus on the egg-freezing process. This collaboration will accentuate our dedication to delivering personalized fertility care through the integration of advanced techniques.


Future Fertility is an AI med-tech company that creates non-invasive tools that provide personalized insights to PATIENTS, EMBRYOLOGISTS, AND DOCTORS so that they can make informed decisions about the next steps.

Their AI analyzes 2D oocyte images to generate personalized, validate insights throughout the fertility journey.

What is an Oocyte?

An oocyte, commonly known as an egg cell, is the female reproductive cell involved in fertilization. It is produced in the ovaries and released during the menstrual cycle for potential fertilization by sperm.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation involves assessing baseline ovarian reserve, stimulating ovaries with medications, retrieval of oocytes, and vitrification. Egg freezing is often considered by those who plan to delay parenthood for health, personal or career reasons, or proactive family planning. Vitrification freezes the eggs at extremely low temperatures, storing them until needed. 

This is where AI technology comes in use to detect the quality of eggs and determine whether they are worth freezing or not, offering improved outcomes and increased accessibility.

Patient Education – An integral part of patient care at Oasis Fertility Centre!

Oasis Fertility Centre has always believed that our patients should have access to maximum information before making any decision or reaching a conclusion. Future Fertility’s AI technology seamlessly aligns with this philosophy of Oasis Fertility Centre.

As a result, by integrating AI into our fertility treatments, we not only enhance the technical aspects of assisted reproductive technology but also emphasize our commitment to empowering patients through knowledge. This powerful collaboration enhances the educational depth and accessibility of information provided to our patients, reinforcing our dedication to nurturing a transparent and informed patient experience.

Here’s how the collaboration is reshaping the future of fertility preservation:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Dr. Imran Pirwany considers a multitude of factors, including age, hormonal profiles, and ovarian reserve, to create personalized treatment plans to achieve desired IVF cycle outcomes. Future Fertility’s services also prioritize parameters, which ensures that individuals receive tailored approaches to the egg-freezing process, maximizing the chances of successful outcomes.
  • Advanced Egg Quality Assessment: Oasis Fertility Centre, through its collaboration with Future Fertility’s AI technology, introduces a revolutionary, objective, and quantitative method for assessing egg quality. This groundbreaking approach ensures precise insights into the viability of eggs, facilitating the selection of the healthiest specimens for freezing.
  • Elevated Patient Experience: This partnership can now enable patients to benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the egg-freezing process, treatment expectations, and potential outcomes. This transparent and informed approach empowers individuals to make decisions aligned with their unique fertility goals, fostering an enhanced and supportive patient experience.
  • Leading Technological Access: The strategic collaboration with Future Fertility positions Oasis Fertility Centre at the forefront of technological advancements in reproductive medicine. This partnership ensures that our patients have exclusive access to the latest innovations in egg freezing and IVF procedures, reinforcing our commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies for superior fertility care.
  • Experience a paradigm shift with AI-powered ART

    The dynamic collaboration between Oasis Fertility Centre and Future Fertility represents not only enhances accuracy, customization, and accessibility but also redefines Oasis Fertility’s Centre fundamental goal of patient experience through the latest technology. This innovative approach opens new avenues and instils a renewed sense of hope for individuals beginning their path to parenthood.

    As technological advancements continue to shape the landscape of fertility preservation, collaborations like ours at Oasis Fertility Centre are at the forefront, driven by a promise to modernize patient education and empowerment. 

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