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Parenthood is bliss, and people wait eagerly to embrace it at some point in their lives! But for some couples, this bliss can become a far-fetched dream due to infertility issues that make the road to parenthood full of unexpected and emotional difficulties.

Did you know?

Infertility is now one of the most common phenomena that affects 1 in every 8 women.

When constant ovulation tracking and major dietary and lifestyle changes are insufficient, navigating fertility care and treatments is frequently the best way to opt for. When a couple decides to pursue parenthood, they need resources to help them at every stage of their journey. Every person’s fertility and pregnancy experience is unique, which is why the medical field has divided these areas into distinct specialties to detect various complexities and choose a focused approach to pre-baby support or what we can also call ‘Personalized Fertility Care’.

Our Oasis Fertility Centre is a private fertility clinic in Calgary that is guided by the core philosophy of providing personalized fertility care through the use of advanced technologies. We work with values such as patient-centreedness, compassion, and responsiveness.

Exceptional care by Dr. Imran Pirwany

Your care is overseen by Dr. Imran Pirwany, Medical Director. Our patient care team, nursing team, and laboratory team look after you on a daily basis throughout your treatment journey, with the patient portal serving as your primary point of contact. For the subjective need in your treatment journey, we have partnered with psychologists, genetic counselors, family and fertility lawyers.

When it comes to your options following a failed fertility treatment, Dr. Pirwany will provide a consultation as well as investigations to dig deep into identifying an opportunity to provide the right pathway to parenthood.

What is ‘Personalized Fertility Care’?

Fertility is one of the fields of medicine that has used a personalized approach in recent years to improve treatment safety and success. Individualization or personalization in fertility treatment focuses on each couple’s unique characteristics, such as genetic, biological, anatomical, functional, psychological, moral, and mental characteristics, as well as its particularities, and adapts diagnostic and therapeutic protocols accordingly.

The combination of a personalized medical approach with advances in Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, accumulated scientific experience, high technology, and the evolution of diagnostic means and pharmacology ensures the highest levels of safety and success in a personalized fertility care approach.

Individual and family history data can provide information on possible factors that require further investigation, like a history of infertility, thrombosis, miscarriage, cancer, or diabetes, as well as thyroid disease, for example, can provide valuable information for further personalized investigation and prevention.

Furthermore, data from the woman’s personal history, such as painful periods, menorrhagia (bleeding during the period), short menstrual cycles, atypical abdominal pain, and so on, help to form a clearer picture. 

HAND-HOLDING at every step at OASIS

Starting with your initial consultation, you will be given a list of tests that will be carried out in order to diagnose the condition. The type of fertility treatment and its medical necessity. Your treatment protocols are scientific and evidence-based, with regular progress monitoring. You will meet several team members.

We aim to provide continuity of care and a positive experience throughout your fertility journey at Oasis. We will be there to help you navigate any high-risk situations, adverse reactions, or emergency care that may arise during your treatment.

In accordance with federal and provincial guidelines, our treatment options and services are inclusive. Some of our most recent services include intrauterine and intraovarian platelet-rich plasma infusion therapy, fertility preservation, the Directed Donor Program, and the Gestational Surrogacy Program.

What kind of fertility tests are undertaken in a personalized fertility care process?

Some of the necessary examinations for the woman before the infertility treatment overall will include AMH hormone control, ensuring the health of the breasts as well as examining the cervix with a Pap test. Additional tests, such as hysteroscopy, cystic fibrosis genetic testing, karyotype testing, and thrombophilia testing, provide crucial information about a woman’s specific characteristics and aids us in following appropriate medical protocols in each case. Of course, fertility tests prescribed by law, such as hysterosalpingography, hormonal testing, genetic and infectious disease testing, and ultrasound, are included.

In the case of the man, his general health, as well as the condition of his genetic material, are evaluated with examinations that go beyond the classic sperm diagram, such as sperm microbial examination, control of sperm DNA fragmentation (DFI test), hormonal control and karyotype, and cystic fibrosis control. In fact, in some cases, the assistance of a specialized urologist-andrologist is required to complete the evaluation and optimize the conditions prior to IVF treatment. Personalized diagnosis addresses all of the factors that contribute to increased treatment safety and effectiveness.

What is included in a fertility care treatment?

Fertility treatment can include a wide range of interventions, such as drug treatment of ovulation, correction of hypothyroidism, removal of endometrial polyps, and so on, which can offer maximum success while remaining safe.

The personalized fertility care approach determines the best type of treatment, such as insemination or in vitro fertilization, the best medication protocol for each case, the best ancillary support (medical, pharmaceutical, psychological, etc.), and the overall strategy and schedule.

Furthermore, with proper diagnosis and correction of infertility factors, natural fertility is increased, and in some cases, assisted reproduction and IVF methods are not required. The personalized approach to fertility is also appropriate for unmarried women aged 18 to 49 who want to learn about, explore, maintain, and improve their fertility.

Personalized fertility care also helps in maintaining mental health

Speaking with the most qualified experts who can not only answer the right questions but also develop a thoughtful plan based on their extensive knowledge of the subject. Mental health professionals can help anyone who is going through a difficult time, but those with more specialized experience can often provide a deeper level of support. This is especially true when it comes to fertility — half of women and 15% of men say infertility is the most upsetting experience of their lives.

Since dealing with such situations can be like an emotional turmoil in a person’s life, speaking with someone having experience and expertise in counseling prospective parents through fertility-related obstacles can be reassuring.

How is OASIS catering to different CATEGORIES OF PARENTS?

Couples with Infertility Issues: For couples facing infertility issues, Oasis Fertility Centre would typically offer a range of diagnostic tests and evaluations to identify the root cause of the problem. Based on the results, personalized fertility care plans would be created, which may include various assisted reproductive technologies (IVF) or other advanced fertility treatments.

Single Parents by Choice: Fertility centres like Oasis recognize the desire of some individuals to become single parents by choice. They would offer personalized consultations and fertility treatment options, such as donor sperm insemination or egg freezing, depending on the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

LGBTQ+ Couples: Oasis Fertility Centre would be inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ couples who are seeking fertility treatments. They would offer assisted reproductive technologies that suit the couple’s needs, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs or sperm or gestational surrogacy if needed.

Couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: For couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss, the centre would provide specialized diagnostic testing to identify potential causes and personalized treatment plans to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Couples with Medical Conditions: Oasis Fertility Centre would take into account any pre-existing medical conditions or health concerns of the prospective parents. They would create personalized fertility treatment plans, considering the specific medical needs and ensuring the safety and health of both the parents and the potential child.

Advanced Maternal/Paternal Age: For older couples trying to conceive, Oasis Fertility Centre would tailor treatment options to address age-related fertility challenges. This may include advanced fertility treatments or the use of donor eggs/sperm to increase the chances of success.

Couples with Specific Cultural or Religious Requirements: The centre would be sensitive to the cultural and religious needs of the parents. They would work to accommodate any specific requirements while providing the best possible fertility care.

Bottom Line

Approaching infertility with a highly personalized fertility care treatment plan can provide couples with benefits such as:

  • Reduction in physical stress
  • Lowered emotional stress
  • Lesser financial stress
  • Delivers higher chances of pregnancy
  • Provides the greatest overall patient trust
  • Better patient satisfaction

Carefully tailored and personalized fertility care treatment at Oasis Fertility

Having a partner who can assist from the beginning of preconception fertility and then throughout maternity, delivery, and postpartum can be of great relief. So, taking a medically focused approach to personalized fertility care is especially important when it comes to controlling pre and post-natal healthcare costs.

Our fertility care expert Dr. Pirwany leaves no stone unturned to educate members on their options and refer them to those with the best outcomes. This clinically managed approach reduces risky and high-cost outcomes in order to prioritize member health while minimizing high costs.

Overall, personalized fertility treatment at Oasis Fertility Centre would involve a comprehensive approach, including detailed medical evaluations, counseling, and support throughout the process, to address the unique needs and desires. It’s always recommended to reach out directly to the fertility centre for the most accurate and updated information on their services and offerings.

Request an appointment here and embrace your roadmap to parenthood from here on!

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