Given the significant inflationary pressures and supply chain issues being felt by all medical clinics, we regret that Oasis will have to increase the price of its services effective February 1st.

Oasis Fertility Centre Fee Schedule


Registration (includes orientation & injection teaching) $325
IVF Cycle (includes egg retrieval, sperm prep, embryo culture, & fresh embryo transfer) $7,500
Freeze All Cycle (includes egg retrieval, blastocyst embryo culture, freezing of embryos (Includes 1st year storage) and scans after baseline scan.) (Price does not include Frozen embryo transfer fee) $8,000
IVF Cycle plus PGT-A (includes egg retrieval, blastocyst embryo culture, freezing of embryos (Includes 1st year storage), embryo biopsy and ICSI) **Additional charges apply for PGT-A testing $600.00 per embryo plus the cost of shipping of embryo cells to testing Centre. $10,500
ICSI $1,600
Natural Cycle (Minimal Stimulation) $5,000
Embryo Freezing Including 1 Year Storage $975
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle (Includes assisted embryo hatching) $2,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle when using embryos from another clinic (Includes assisted embryo hatching) $2,500


Patient referred by their physician No Charge
Self-referred patient $75
Antra Follicle Count $150
Sonohysterogram $300
Outpatient hysteroscopy $300
Sperm Functional Assessment $295

Cycle Monitoring

Individual Ultrasound Scan $150
Prenatal Scan *No Charge ( For all current patients undergoing treatment at Oasis Fertility Centre)


Registration IUI $100
IUI with sperm wash including monitoring $550
Superovulation/Combined Cycle (includes U/S scans, IUI registration & IUI) $1250
Donor sperm handling, includes first year storage $500
3rd party sperm handling for transport $550


Sperm Cryopreservation $550
Annual storage fee $275
Sperm DNA Fragmentation $850

Egg Freezing

Freezing including orientation, egg retrieval, with 1st year storage $8,000
Egg thaw, Fertilization & Embryo transfer $5,500
Annual Storage Fee $275


Embryo Freezing (Includes 1st year storage) $975
Receiving Frozen Embryos $500
Annual Storage Fee $275

Pre Implantation Genetic Screening

Embryo Biopsy (in addition to IVF/ICSI) -
Registration Fee (non -refundable, includes IVF Registration Fee -

Donor Services

Known Donor Screening and Orientation $2,500
IVF Known Donor-registration, consult, IVF & ICSI -

Satellite Monitoring

Initial Consultation $150.00
Cycle Set up (applicable to all cycles) $650.00
Bloodwork (applicable per order) $120.00 within Calgary/ Up to $200.00 outside of Calgary
Single Ultrasound $150.00
Sonohysterogram $300.00
Orientation and Injection Teaching $150.00
Prenatal Scan $175.00

Endometrial Evaluations

Matris $550